Govt-backed counter-extremist ‘propaganda’ program operating without oversight - report

Counter-narratives on extremism are being peddled by a secret government propaganda program in the absence of oversight under the guise of “grassroots Muslim voices,” an investigation by a UK advocacy group suggests.

A covert propaganda program run by the Home Office has been developing a labyrinth of “authentic” Muslim voices to create counter-narratives geared towards combatting extremist ideologies commonly seen among British millennials through community groups and NGOs.

A report carried out by UK nonprofit group CAGE says this stealth government program has been in operation since 2011.

Officials Secret Act

The study, which was published Tuesday, warns the secret nature of the project and the misinformation it spreads are a poor reflection on a government that claims to uphold transparency.

CAGE suggests public relations firm Breakthrough Media is tasked with spinning these counter-narratives and is likely protected under Britain’s Official Secrets Act (OSA). The advocacy group says the use of this legislation to cloak a government propaganda project in secrecy is a grievous abuse of government power....


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