Nuclear Device Lost Somewhere Between Pennsylvania And West Virginia

Don't panic. A nuclear device was in fact lost, but that device is used to determine the density of the ground, and not hold the world at bay while you laugh on the Big Screen at the UN. Still, it's potentially dangerous and the people who lost it would very much like it back.P

What seems to have happened was a Troxler 3440 Nuclear Density Gauge fell off the back of a truck travelling on I-81 somewhere between mile markers 17 and 24. That means it could be in West Virginia... or maybe Pennsylvania. The people who lost it aren't entirely sure.2P

That Troxler 3440 seems like a pretty amazing device. From what I can gather, the nuclear materials send out Gamma rays which are sent into the soil, and then the the bounce back is sensed. I think. It sounds sort of like a Gamma-ray based radar or sonar system. These things are commonly used by construction crews and surveyors, and I'm pretty sure that if you hold it up to your genitals for long enough, it'll turn you into the Hulk...


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