Lawful Interception for 3GPP: Cisco Service Independent Intercept in the GGSN


The Cisco Service Independent Intercept ™ (SII) architecture is a generic architecture in IP networks that is independent of the service being intercepted. The Cisco Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) provides solutions based on the Cisco SII architecture that facilitate lawful electronic surveillance of communications. Previously available for data and voice services, it has been extended for 3GPP mobile systems.

This paper presents two methods for intercepting mobile targets: One uses the new mobile inception filter in the GGSN. The other employs the IP interception functions of the Cisco 7600 Series Router. It enables the interception of roaming targets inside their home network. It also facilitates the use of direct tunnel architecture, specified in 3GPP Release 7, which bypasses the Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) for data traffic.

Elements of Lawful Interception

The term Lawful Interception (LI) describes the process by which law enforcement agencies conduct electronic surveillance of circuit and packet-mode communications as authorized by judicial or administrative order. The means and authority of conducting LI is often recorded in government legislation or regulatory mandates.

LI is initiated by a warrant from the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA), which identifies a target identity, a specific LI service, and a period of time. It requires the service provider (SP) to deliver Intercept-Related Information (IRI) and/or Content of Communication (CC) associated with sessions initiated by a specific target...


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