Stopiranwar.com is a site devoted to creating awareness on a variety of topics related to Iran and the conflicts that surround this country. The fact that the middle east is a very volatile region is far from being a secret; therefore we have considered that our site has a very important role in terms of informing all those who want to know more about what is going on in this region. We have taken special interest in Iran, in its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and in the Israel and Iran prolonged issues. Being this such a complex area, full of religious, ethnical and political differences, we have decided that the best approach to this very sensitive topic is by reporting simply the facts instead of expressing opinions on the different chapters that will be reviewed here. Our readers will have the chance to get all the right details to decide by themselves what to believe in terms of Israel and Iran, and the conflicts that for many experts have the region on the edge of an imminent war between these two nations. In recents years, Iran has begun to explore the nuclear power science, which has many political analysts very worried about Iran Nuclear efforts and the negative implications that could arise if they really developed a nuclear weapon program. Even though international organisms have made very clear statements in terms of sanctions and pressure to Iran, they have insisted in ignoring them and have moved on with their Iran nuclear ambitions. Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has become known for emitting extremely controversial public statements such as the one given at a university in the U.S where he guaranteed that Iran did not suffer from the western disease called homosexuality, for example, and the repeated challenges to the international community have added more instability to the region.

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