Muckrock: Freedom of Information, finally made easy.

You didn't get into this business for the paperwork. You got into it because you wanted to change something. Not to be chained to your desk, filing redundant forms, chasing down elusive bureaucrats and cutting your fingers on hundreds of pieces of paper. Your time is important, and every minute you spend doing this muck work, you're not doing the things that matter to you: Investigating, analyzing, reporting. Maybe even spending time with your family.

Remember them?

MuckRock makes it easy for you to quickly file Freedom of Information requests, taking out the hassle and only updating you with the results. No need to stamp an envelope, look up an agency address or learn how to properly draft a legal demand: Just type what you're interested in, click submit and then receive your documents scanned, searchable and sharable. We'll even help you analyze them.

MuckRock acts as a request proxy, e-mailing, faxing or even snail mailing the request on your behalf, with the documents returning to our offices to be prepared for your convenience. Working on a big scoop? An intuitive embargo system ensures that your documents are for your eyes only until you're ready to publish.

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