Twitter Activist Security

Guidelines for safer resistance
Many people are starting to get politically active in ways they fear might have negative repercussions for their job, career or life. It is important to realise that these fears are real, but that public overt resistance is critical for political legitimacy. This guide hopes to help reduce the personal risks to individuals while empowering their ability to act safely.

I am not an activist, and I almost certainly don’t live in your country. These guidelines are generic with the hope that they will be useful for a larger number of people.

These guys broke pretty much every rule I have on safety, but they did use some clever techniques. Firstly they used an old account created in the UK, where US political witch hunts carry less weight. Secondly, they used a number of authors to make stylometric analysis of tweets more difficult. The more authors, the harder it is to narrow the suspect list. Finally, the content for tweets was provided via a cut out – the info was sent to an author who then crafted the post from outside the US. Of course, the security of the connection from the author to the poster is another problem.

Security Principles To Live By
The basic principles of operational security are actually very simple, they’re what we call the three Cs:


There is more to serious counterintelligence, of course, but keep these three concepts in mind. The two most important concerns will be compartmentation and concealment. In practice this means that you need to separate your resistance Twitter account from your personal life completely...


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