The Goldman Sachs power players behind Lloyd Blankfein

by Portia Crowe and Matt Turner 

A Goldman Sachs executive considered a potential candidate to succeed CEO Lloyd Blankfein said this week he was retiring from the firm. Michael Sherwood, a vice chairman and co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International, decided to retire after 30 years at the firm, according to an internal memo. 

In case his departure raises any questions about who might eventually take the reins after Blankfein, who is 62 and says he has no plans to retire, we have put together a list of the key executives at the firm. These are the key people behind the big three at Goldman: Blankfein, CFO Harvey Schwartz, and president Gary Cohn. 

They come from across the firm — banking, sales and trading, investment management, and even technology. They've worked around the world and now are based mostly in New York and London. Check out Goldman Sachs' top power players, listed below in alphabetical order...

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