Rewrite the Constitution? Here's how a convention could do it

Washington (CNN)The increasing dominance of Republicans inside statehouses across the nation has spurred talk that a constitutional convention -- the very meeting that crafted the US Constitution -- could be more than just a Hail Mary thrown to conservatives.

Conservative groups and Republican lawmakers have been planning for the possibility for years, although it picked up steam three years ago after a group of state lawmakers met at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate, just outside Washington.

The issue found a bit of light in the Republican primaries, after Sen. Marco Rubio said he would support a convention and has even won the support of some liberals, like Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig, who wants to use a convention to undo the Citizens United ruling.

The requirement that 34 state legislatures approve of any convention has long seemed too high a hurdle. But a series of surprise wins for Republicans in statehouses across the country on Election Night -- including taking control of both legislative chambers in 32 states -- has put the possibility within reach...


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