How the LIDA Psychotronic Weapon Induced REM State

Mind control has fascinated the military and various government agencies as a desirable and powerful weapon. In the 1950s the now well-known secretive group of the CIA, MKULTRA, undertook experiments on unsuspecting individuals, including innocent children (1).

There were never any criminal charges brought against the elusive group during the 1970s US Senate Church-Inouye hearings. According to Constitution Society, despite the MKULTRA’s tight-lipped, iron-gripped attempts to conceal classified documents, the few that were leaked demonstrated their mind control attempts were disturbingly successful (2).

The Constitution Society published Eleanor White, P. Eng. paper from April 4, 2000. The paper was titled, “The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects” and examined over 300 “involuntary” victims of these experiments.

The paper states that “without exception” once these people became test subjects, they remained so for the rest of their lives. Even today, the hypnotic trigger implanted in their minds can be activated.

The LIDA (Learning IDA) was described in the declassified documents describing the 1974 technology used to set-up the victims so they were conditioned to be more susceptible to being hypnotized.

The signals used weren’t capable of carrying voices, only the radio signals that set up brain entertainment or silent sleep programming. These sleep states were generated and the individuals programmed much like listening to subliminal tapes...

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