They Say Government Mind Control Is Real—And That They’re Part of It

Cheryl Welsh has been the target of a secret U.S. government mind-control experiment for almost 30 years.

Or, so she believes. A former medical receptionist in Sacramento, Welsh was a freshman at the University of California, Davis in 1987 when she noticed electrical appliances were “remotely targeted to harass” her. Phones, cars, typewriters, and TVs would stop working at inopportune times.

“Streetlights would go on and off as I walked by, and this was before the sensor technology of today,” Welsh told The Daily Beast. “I traveled to Wisconsin and went to Europe, but wherever I went, the strange harassive things would occur.”

Soon, Welsh became convinced that her thoughts were being read by unknown external forces, “24/7, with precision.” She says staged situations played out on the street in front of her, engineered by strangers who appeared to know exactly what she was thinking.

Welsh was terrified. But she was too embarrassed to say anything to anyone for fear of sounding crazy.

“I’ve always trusted my mental health, and I don’t believe in the supernatural, or UFOs, or anything like that,” Welsh said. “So I knew I wasn’t imagining these things.”

She set out to find others who had experienced similar phenomena, and found that she was not alone. Welsh eventually came to the conclusion that she was the subject of covert U.S. government testing. After all, she explains, who but the government possessed the technological know-how to cause what she was experiencing?

When asked what she has done to try and stop the harassment, Welsh responds, “What haven’t I done? I’ve hired scientists, electronics experts, private investigators, and more. I was interviewed on CNN and they had their electronics expert come out and test my home, but they didn’t find anything. Well, of course they didn’t find anything—they didn’t look for military signals.”...


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