KPMG tax exec to testify at Commons committee about alleged offshore 'sham'

Greg Wiebe, tax partner and former global head of tax for the accounting firm, isn't named in any of the court documents filed by the CRA alleging KPMG itself earned a 15 per cent cut in an offshore tax dodge that promised multimillionaire clients they would pay "no tax" on their investment income.

KPMG has been fighting a judge's order since early 2013 to hand over the names of the wealthy clients involved in the controversial $130-million offshore scheme that launched more than 15 years ago.

Wayne Easter, Liberal chairman of the finance committee, says members passed a motion to call on KPMG officials to explain their role in what the CRA has called a "sham."

"The pressure we're getting from the public is, 'Look, KPMG is the one named," Easter said. "That's why that decision was made."

But, Easter says, it was up to the firm to decide who would testify...


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