Wiki: Richard Zuley

Richard Zuley is a former American interrogator. He developed a reputation as being able to coerce confessions from suspects during his 37 years with the Chicago Police Department. Zuley was also an officer in the United States Navy Reserve, and was placed in charge of the interrogation of Guantanamo captive Mohamedou Ould Slahi.[1] Slahi was one of a small number of Guantanamo captive for whom Secretary of Defense authorized the use of extended interrogation techniques that legal scholars and human rights critics have characterized as torture...

...After his retirement, multiple inquiries into overturned convictions that had relied on confessions he coerced triggered the Conviction Integrity Unit of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office to plan to subpoena Zuley's entire complaint history.[3]

Zuley faces multiple lawsuits from individuals who claim he framed them, or beat confessions from them.[3] Lathierial Boyd, who launched one lawsuit, claims Zuley framed him for a killing outside a nightclub in 1990. Anthony Garrett, who received a 100-year sentence for killing a seven-year-old boy, alleges Zuley beat his confession out of him.

Michael Homan, reporting in the Indiana Daily Student, wrote that Zuley had run covert interrogation site for the Chicago Police Department as bad as the CIA covert black site interrogation sites.[6][not in citation given]...




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