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Bechtel Corporation (Bechtel Group) is the largest construction and civil engineering company in the United States,[2] ranking as the 4th-largest privately owned company in the United States.[3] Its headquarters are in the South of Market, San Francisco.[4]...

Bechtel completed work on a series of railroad contracts during the early 1900s, culminating in an extension of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad finished in 1914.[5]

Starting with the construction of Klamath River Highway in California in 1919, Bechtel ventured into jobs outside of building railroads. The company built roads, bridges, and highways throughout the western United States. The company worked on its first hydroelectric projects in the 1920s for Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California.[7][8][9]

By the time Bechtel incorporated in 1925, it was the leading construction company in the western United States.[5][10] In 1929, Warren's son, Stephen, urged his father to take on the company's first pipeline project. Bechtel began working with California Standard Oil Company to build pipelines and refineries.[9][11][12]...

Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr. took over for his father as president of the company as Stephen Bechtel, Sr. retired in 1960.[13][16][20] During the 1960s and 1970s, Bechtel was involved in constructing 40 percent of the nuclear plants in the United States.[20] In 1968, the company completed the largest nuclear plant in the US at the time, the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, in California.[5][21] In 1972, Bechtel was involved in approximately 20 percent of all of the United States' new power-generating capacity.[16] By the end of the decade, the company had moved from nuclear power construction toward nuclear cleanup projects, including Three Mile Island in 1979.[9][20]...

As a result of the Gulf war, Bechtel took on the task of extinguishing oil well fires in Kuwait in 1991. This was part of the overall effort to rebuild the infrastructure of Kuwait.[13][20]...

Several projects in the 2000s attracted controversy.[38] In 2000, after a protest against water prices being raised by a utility partially owned by Bechtel in Bolivia, the company pulled out of the country and later filed suit against Bolivia for $25 million in losses. The claim was settled in 2006 for $0.30.[38][39]...

In 2003, Bechtel won a $680 million contract to begin rebuilding infrastructure in Iraq for U.S. Agency for International Development. The contract led to the company being accused of both non-competitive bidding and war profiteering.[38] Bechtel won a competitively-bid second contract in January 2004,[44] and completed 97 of 99 task orders of the contract, returning the two remaining projects due to the escalating security concerns in the country.[45]...

Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Bechtel was one of four companies hired by FEMA to build temporary housing.[26] Bechtel delivered over 35,000 trailers in under a year for displaced residents in Mississippi, though the company was criticized by officials and in the media for the cost and quality of work.[46]...

As of July 2015, Bechtel leads a consortium that manages three national security-related facilities in the U.S.: the Los Alamos National Laboratory,[131] the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory[132] and the combined Y-12 National Security Complex/Pantex Plant.[133] Bechtel won thirteen sustainability awards from the National Nuclear Security Administration in 2013 and five in 2014 for it work with these facilities.[132][134]...

Other government work includes the construction of the facilities to treat the liquid radioactive waste stored underground at the Department of Energy's Hanford nuclear waste site in Washington. The unit also manages U.S. Department of Defense contracts to dismantle and dispose of stored chemical weapons, including decades-old mustard and nerve gas from World War II.[65][135][136]In May 2012, a consortium including Bechtel began construction on a structure that will safely confine the damaged Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Number 4.[137] In June 2013 the unit completed design and construction on a U.S. Missile Defense Agency project at Fort Greely, Alaska, which included three missile fields and forty silos.[138] In November 2013, Bechtel was awarded a US$7 billion contract to work on a nuclear propulsion project for the United States Navy.[139] In 2014 the U.K. Ministry of Defence selected Bechtel to support the Royal Navy and Air Force on procurement and managed support services.[140] Additionally, in 2015, Bechtel was contracted to provide testing and operations for the Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee.[141]

Ongoing commercial projects include work on the Tennessee Valley Authority's Watts Bar 2 nuclear reactor.[103][142] In June 2013, Bechtel won an engineering, procurement and construction contract to replace three steam generators at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Generating Station in Shippingport, Pennsylvania.[143] Overall, Bechtel has worked on approximately 150 nuclear power plants as of June 2013.[103][143]...

Major projects have included:
Hoover Dam completed in 1936[149]
Trans-Alaska Pipeline System completed in 1977[150]
Bekme hydroelectric dam in Turkey completed in 1991[151]
Petrochemical plants in Iraq completed in 1991[152]
Dabhol Power Project Phase 1 completed in 1992[153]
Kuwait reconstruction after the Gulf War completed in 1993[154]
Channel Tunnel completed in 1994[155]
Hong Kong International Airport completed in 1998[156]
Tengiz Field expansion in Kazakhstan completed in 1999[157]
Chemical weapons disposal facility in Anniston, Alabama completed in 2001[158]
Three natural gas power plants in Turkey completed in 2002[159]
Fissile Materials Storage Facility at Mayak, Ozersk, Russian Federation, completed in 2002[160]
Araucária Power project, Brazil, completed in 2003[161]
Jorge Chávez International Airport expansion in Lima, Peru completed in 2005[162]
Boston Big Dig completed in 2007[163]
Rebuilding sections of the A1 Motorway between Zagreb and Split in Croatia completed in 2008[164]
The Y-12 nuclear weapons plant and enriched uranium storage facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, completed in 2009[165]
Rrëshen-Kalimash Highway in Albania completed in 2010[166]
New Doha International Airport completed in 2011[167]
Silver Line Phase I extension to Dulles Airport completed in 2014[168]
New Muscat International Airport Terminal due to be completed in 2016[169]
Transylvania Motorway due to be completed in 2016[170]
Riyadh Metro due to be completed in 2019[171]


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