Wiki: Adolph McQueen

McQueen first joined the United States Marine Corps, in the enlisted ranks, in 1971.[1] Eleven years later, in 1982, he received a direct commission into the United States Army.

He graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and earned a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College.

McQueen's military education included: Command and General Staff Officer Course, Associate Logistics Executive Development Course, Adjutant General Officer Branch Qualification Course, Military Police Officer Advanced Course, and the Quartermaster Officer Advanced Course.

First commander, Joint Detention Group, Guantanamo[edit source | edit]

In 2002, when he was a Colonel, he was the first commander of Joint Detention Group, responsible for Joint Task Force Guantanamo's guard force.[2][3]

James Yee, the Guantanamo Bay detention camps' first Muslim chaplain, reported to McQueen.[2] In his book For God and country: faith and patriotism under fire, Yee reported an escalating series of problems, including the role McQueen played.

In 2003 BBC News reporters described McQueen personally curtailing their tour of Guantanamo when captives were allowed to see them, and called out to them.[4][5] The BBC crew was sent home the next day, while other journalists were allowed to stay, and continue reporting.

U.S. Army North[edit source | edit]

In 2012 McQueen was assigned as Deputy Commander of United States Army North. He served in this position until retiring in September, 2013. He received the Distinguished Service Medal at his retirement.[7]...


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