Open Secret and Lies: How SAG-AFTRA Boss David White Misled Union Board On Pedophile Docu

by David Robb June 11, 2015 3:42pm
EXCLUSIVE: SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director David White recently misled the union’s board of directors about the union’s attempt to whitewash An Open Secret, director Amy Berg’s explosive new documentary about the sexual abuse of child actors in Hollywood. He also misled the board about the union’s threat to sue her and the film’s producers.

SAG-AFTRA Threatened To Sue Director Amy Berg Over ‘An Open Secret’

Last Friday, Deadline revealed that the union had threatened to sue Berg unless she removed “all references” to the union from her film. Prior to publication, the guild issued this statement: “We have not yet threatened to sue this producer. Nor did we attempt to suppress any factual or accurate information in this production.” While White was denying our story, the film’s director confirmed our report.

Berg told Deadline: “I felt that SAG-AFTRA used legal threats to try to sanitize the film.” Her position is supported by a letter that was sent to her by the union’s litigation counsel and copied to White and two other top union officials (read it here).

White included those false assertions in an email he sent to the union’s board of directors Friday. “As you may already know,” he told the board members, “an inaccurate story about SAG-AFTRA posted online at Deadline today. …Regarding the Deadline piece, we were contacted with information about this shortly before publication and sent a strongly worded statement requesting the blog address several inaccuracies. We sent our correcting statement to alert the reporter and the publication that their story was rife with errors and outright falsehoods, and to push them toward more factual reporting. Deadline refused to correct its story. … As is reflected in the statement, one of this union’s top priorities is the protection of all its members – especially its youngest members. Anyone who suggests otherwise is not dealing with facts.”...


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