Media Outlets Need To Quit Propping Rudy Giuliani Up As A So-Called 'Terrorism Expert'

It's long past time that our sorry excuses for "news" channels quit propping up former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as an expert on terrorism. And sadly, I'm not just talking about Fox "news," but MSNBC and CNN as well. Following the terrorist attacks in Brussels earlier this week, every time you turned around, here was his mug on the television, criticizing President Obama for not rushing home in a mad panic -- just as we saw from every Republican politician and right wing talking head -- and of course pushing for more war and bombings in the Middle East (because we all know that dropping a few more bombs people's heads will assure that we never again have any terrorists strapping bombs on their backs and blowing themselves up.)

As Media Matters documented, Giuliani made appearances on CNN's The Situation Room, Fox's Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox & Friends, and MSNBC's Morning Joe this week, second guessing and lobbing insults at President Obama at every turn, even though he's the last person anyone should be taking advice from on how to handle the aftermath of a terrorist attack:

But As NYC Mayor, Giuliani Failed On 9/11 Communications, Cleanup And Treatment of Firefighters

Giuliani Failed To Set Up A Unified Command Post For New York Fire And Police Departments, Which Hampered Communication Between Them. On September 11, 2002, The New York Times reported that "The Police and Fire Departments barely spoke on 9/11. They set up separate command posts." Moreover, the Times reported that early on during the crisis, "the Office of Emergency Management had to be evacuated. It had been placed in the trade center complex by Mr. Giuliani, against advice that it was unwise to put an emergency center in a terrorist target":

Of course the country had to understand what went wrong. One of the largest structures ever built had failed, at a terrible cost in lives. When warned of danger, those in charge had shrugged. Many died because the rescue effort was plagued by communication breakdowns, a lack of coordination, failure to prepare....


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