Belgian terror attacks bring this $937M Booz Allen contract into focus

The defense industry is once again in focus following Tuesday's terror attacks in Brussels, but it is government services — not the the bombs, the missiles and the airplanes — that typically get a boost in federal funding.

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. (NYSE: BAH), for example, announced in September 2015 it won a $937 million task order to provide “global threat mitigation” services to the Pentagon. And while the details are sensitive as to exactly what the McLean-based company is doing under the contract, we do know that the growing specter of terrorist attacks drive more federal spending to it.

In the wake of the November terror attacks in Paris, Booz CFO Kevin Cook said the company is "certainly going to burn that ceiling and I think there’s a lot of room for growth" on the big contract.

“Global threat mitigation was a $900 million-plus contract we won in September to assess risks around the world and working with our defense and intel clients, craft mitigation strategies if these things were to occur,” Cook said. "Since we’ve won that, unfortunately, there’s been a lot of things going on in the world between Paris and Mali and others..."


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