Serco immorality shown up at island detention centre - Davis

Labour’s corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis says what he saw of Australian detention centres conformed his belief multinational Serco should not be running New Zealand prisons.

Mr Davis has been in Christmas Island to speak with former prisoners who are being detained so they can eventually be deported back to this country under Australia’s tough new visa rules.

He says the detainees expressed anger and frustration at their treatment and the continued uncertainty they face.

Mr Davis says what’s going on across the Tasman is just another chapter in what was already an appalling track record when Serco was signed up to run the Auckland Remand and Wiri prisons.

"Everything that was said was borne out in my experience. They are just a money-making entity that doesn't care about human rights rehabilitation or even just doing what's right. I just can't believe the immorality of the way they operate," he says.

Mr Davis says Serco denied him access to one detainee, whose family subsequently told him was in need of medical attention after an attack by guards.


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