Best Evidence The Research Video 37 min

Best Evidence: The Research Video is a 37 minute documentary film based on filmed interviews which I conducted in October, 1980. The main purpose in making this film was to document, on video, the basic accounts of the key witnesses that appear in Best Evidence, accounts I had received via telephone interviews.

It was Marshall McLuhan who said: The medium is the message.

In 1980, I realized, after hearing these accounts over the telephone, that they belonged on film, to be fully appreciated—and that's why I made the Best Evidence Video.

Some background may be in order here. The manuscript for Best Evidence was submitted on April 1, 1980. The central thesis of my book was that JFK's body—the most important evidence in the case against Oswald— had been covertly intercepted between the time of his murder in Dallas, Texas, and the time the body arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital for the autopsy. Wounds had been altered; and bullets removed. At Bethesda, the body no longer reflected the true "medical facts." In effect, the diagram of the Dealey Plaza shooting had been changed.

My publisher, Macmillan, was quite excited by my work, and wanted to see it in print as soon as possible. An ambitious publishing schedule was planned, so that the books would be in the stores by January, 1981.


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