True Detective: Chicago, El Chapo, & Vince Vaughn’s Mom

Actor Vince Vaughn, in the news for his starring role in HBO’s True Detective and recent controversial statements advocating more guns in schools, now has a new source of notoriety guaranteed to keep him in face time: his family.

Vaughn’s mother, Sharon Vaughn, a sparkling and vivacious Chicagoland socialite, and his step-father, Stephen Ferrone, a lawyer and former brokerage manager, both have links to a criminal enterprise involved in the biggest seizure of drugs on a plane in Mexican history.

Vince Vaughn’s intemperate comments spurred a second look at the financial fraud his mother was involved in seven years ago. That brought new details to light which finally bring some much-needed clarity to the case of the American-registered DC-9 busted in Mexico with 5.5 tons of cocaine, first reported and investigated in dozens of stories published here.

Sharon Vaughn, Vince Vaughn’s mother, was a longtime savvy financial consultant who once ranked 105th in the nation on Bloomberg Wealth Manager’s annual list of high-end personal money managers.

From her multi-million dollar mansion in the tony suburb of Lake Forest, near Chicago, she managed a hedge fund called Directors Performance Fund. In June of 2003 she made an unusual—and dubious—investment.

According to a criminal affidavit filed by a Secret Service Agent, she put $9.7 million into a recently-incorporated shell corporation called Argyll Equities LLC in Boerne Texas, a subsidiary of Argyll Group...

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