Greetings from the real world. You know, where cause and consequence reign free and mighty. I'll send you a postcard sometime. Anyway... How is being a human bidet for the FBI treating you? The very people you taught the young and impressionable to hate. I heard you now have a job as a security consultant? That sounds fun. Life is looking pretty cosy for you currently. Hey, talking of cosy; It's Jeremy Hammonds birthday soon, January the 8th. I was considering sending him book or something because, from experience, jail isn't too cosy and he could do with things to do to pass the time. After all, 10 years is a hell of a stint for jail, paedophiles and rapists get less.

Do you remember Jeremy at all? He's one of the people you set up and sold out to save yourself. But enough about Jeremy, let's talk about you Hector. I can tell you love talking about good old Sabu lately after all.

I must admit that after the initial sting at the realisation of what you did over our time spent communicating, I haven't thought about you much. I feel a strong sense of injustice over what happened and the way things went, but as a general rule it's a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'. But then you started popping up on my time line - 'Sabu has attended VICE as a VIP.' ' Sabu is doing an interview for CBS news.' 'Sabu speaks about his days of hacking for CNET.' You get the point.

So I watch, and I have to be honest, even though you did what you did I was still kind of half expecting a show of remorse or even an acceptance for what you did. Something, anything. But it was like wishing from blood from a stone. You tried to rationalise what you did and you outright lied. You flaunt yourself on TV making yourself out to be some kind of modern day hero, asking who will guard the guards and various other bullshit. Let's not forget Hector, we had to endure your bullshit for a long time and we know exactly what you are...


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