"Fake" Comsec Found Everywhere

On 9/2/14, John Young <jya@pipeline.com> wrote:
Anxiety and fears about loss of privacy through surreptitious
and ubiquitous technology, with concomintant rise of advocates
of defenses, parallels the age-old scam of the devil inside
humans attacking faith in god(s) requiring constant remediation
by religion, in particular by buying into costly, elaborate edifices,
ceremonies, couture, sermons, damnations, excommunications,
informants, behavior police, burning of witches, celebrations
of saints. Remind of the crypto wars still raging?

Comsec might be seen as a cult of fetishistic technology,
crypto its sacred text of salvation and protection from
demons forever being publicized by the preachers of
how to hide your sins from the sin spies, the main sin
being apostasy about national security armed to the max
with weapons of mass punishment of disbelievers of
of one's own faith against that of competitors, especially
competitiors setting up subversive storefronts of alternative

Worse of all, the crypto-rebels writing their own code of
sin and salvation, defying authorities, seducing youngsters,
leaking secrets of the official corruption, mocking official
old gods in favor or new ones home-brewed on the
electronic frontier.

Snake oil is as old as snakes whispering to naked apes
once happy copulating without devils or gods hurling
sand into the amply lubricated in and out to make new
copulants free of imaginary fears and anxieties that
pleasure is bad, don't seek it without permission,
don't do it unless paid in advance, don't dream of
it or the devil wins, don't self-satisfy or narcissism
destroys. Right here are some helpful aids to control
your urges by allowing experts to tell you what's right
and wrong. You will need this protection inside
and outside, everywhere, all the time. Let us
pray. Your wallet please...

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