Bitmessage Mail Gateway

This is a service to connect Bitmessage with E-Mail without the need of any software
It allows you to use the Bitmessage network the same way you use E-Mail today.

Key FeaturesIt's completely free
No advertisments anywhere
No tracking with Google Analytics or other services at all
Send and receive E-Mails from/to Bitmessage addresses
Send and receive E-Mails from/to other E-Mail addresses
Personal Bitmessage address
Supports broadcasting
Use the E-Mail client you are satisfied with and all its features (address book, spam filter, folders, rules, etc).
Instant delivery (no POW) if your contact has an @bitmessage.ch address too.
Server supports IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
SSL secured with a valid certificate
Spam filter
Easy readable alias address
No Proxy or TOR required but TOR hidden service and I2P address available (see FAQ)
Webmail Access from everywhere.
Two webmail systems, one optimized for bitmessage compatibility, one for all E-Mail features (attachments, MIME, ...)
Auto responder if you are away or want to set up a mailing list.
Auto forwarder to an external address.
Two auto signatures (Plain Text and HTML).
Rules for automatic message filtering...

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