Elizabeth Coady

7 July 2014

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Subject: Hello John Young
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 07:38:41 -0500

My name is Elizabeth Coady and I am the tweeter behind @HeadlineJuice.

I am also a a former journalist (Time, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Philadelphia Inquirer) and blogger who most recently published the site CrabbyGolightly.com.

I have been under surveillance by what I presume is the NSA for at least a year, and possibly longer. More frightening than the surveillance is the fact that the electricity in my unit has been tampered with, causing me low-level shocks. Incredulously, I am also being 'burned' at night by what I can only imagine is one of the new directed energy weapons. Even more incredulously, I also have reason to believe there was an attempt to poison me several months ago with either a bioagent or pesticide. (I can give anyone who wants to know all the details in a granular way should they want to inquire. I would in fact LOVE to tell a lawyer the details on audio recording.)

I am not a criminal; I have no criminal record, but I was a supporter of Wikileaks and wrote about the group on my defunct blog. My email also was released several years ago on a list identified as including emails of WikiLeaks supporters. (I think I gave a total of $150.) My crime is that I practiced what I believed were my First Amendment Rights. It's terrifying what is going on, and it's terrifying knowing that I am on the 'target' list...

I also used to work for Oprah Winfrey, and I sued her to challenge her confidentiality agreement, and I can't help but wonder whether that lawsuit has anything to do with my targeting and 'touchless torture.'

I believe several people in my condominium are a part of this covert operation against me. One of the residents in my building, Sean Serrahn, is a Northrup Grumman military contractor specializing in electronics.


His wife, Marry Wisniewski Serrahn, is allegedly a 'new products manager ' for Thompson Reuters, had been board treasurer for eight years, and for at least a year was the only person to have access to the unit from which I believe the surveillance/harassment is taking place.

Another is Jeff Dineen, a former employee at Huron Consulting and now partner at Pathstone Partners, a vague outfit that has no physical office space.


The unit next door to me, located at 1304 W. Waveland, Unit 1, is in foreclosure, in the hands of FannieMae and has a 'hold' on it. Three institutions have told me this is unusual. The unit is currently being rented by a friend and former employee of Dineen's named Lonnie Yates. I believe Yates is involved in the tampering of my electricity as well as the 'burning.'

A websearch will find references to use of directed energy weapons by covert agents placed in units next to targets.

After a year of harassment and surveillance, I believe the situation is escalating and I fear for my future and my family's future.

If you have any ideas for me about how I could get off this target list, I'd be grateful. I have written to numerous Congressmembers and civil liberties groups and even Glenn Greenwald -- all to no avail. Despite the good work he's done to challenge the NSA, GG seems only interested in engaging with those who have some sort of institutional power. He has never responded to my request for help, and I suspect that I have been discredited in some way to him. Why won't he -- or other whistleblowers respond? Why won't they investigate these claims? I am literally being burned, and I am fearful for my life and my family's wellbeing.

The tweeter @Aristotle1865 I've discovered also writes about being the subject of these scalar weapons in Illinois. It would be worth checking out her tweets as well. If you have never heard of such activities, the website 'The Hidden Evil' goes into detail about what is actually happening. Before last year I would have been skeptical. Now I know that these allegations are true.


Thank you in advance for even reading this.

Elizabeth Coady
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