"The tor 'anonimity' network is a project of the US military."

FROM: juan.g71 AT gmail.com
TO: cypherpunks@cpunks.org

The tor 'anonimity' network is a project of the US military. As such, it must serve the ends of the US military.

If the alleged ends of the tor project do not match the ends of the US military, the alleged tor ends are just a cover lie, or a lame half-truth at best.

The real ends of the US military, are, of course, not 'officially' acknowledged though they are widely known, even among half-educated observers.

The US military is the biggest criminal organization on the planet and its real purpose is to further the global interests of the US government and US fascist business. To do this they routinely invade countries and murder millions of people.

Bear in mind the moral outlook of these people when analyzing their actions.

Would the US military create an anonimity network that they can't subvert? Of course not.

The tor network can prevent ordinary users A and B from learning their respective locations, but if a third party C (say, US government) can monitor A's and B's traffic, it can 'deanonimize' them.

As a side note, tor can be and is routinely blocked, rendering it rather useless. In cases where tor could make people anonymous, at least from the point of view of servers like, say, IRC servers , access is blocked by the servers operators. So much for 'free speech'.

Suming up, the first objective of the tor network is to give a 'gratis' and subverted 'tool' to...targets of government surveillance. Pure altruism.

Another objective of the tor network is to get around the blocking system of, say, the chinese network. Since china is firewalled, the US military can't easily spy on chinese people.

So, what the tor employees (accomplices of the fascist US government) do is

1) pretend that they 'fight' for ' free speech' in china

2) gather information about people in china who, by using tor, signal that they are potentially 'interesting' to the US military.

Again, the 'official' motives and the real motives do not match,


So far, I got this far =P - Ill add more stuff later ...."

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