What is known about NSA's PRISM program

In June last year the Snowden-leaks started with the disclosure of the PRISM-program. For many people it stands for NSA surveillance in general because they often have still no idea what PRISM is actually about.

Therefore, this article presents a wrap up of almost everything we know about the PRISM program, combining information from my earlier postings and from other media and government sources.

The famous internal NSA presentation about PRISM consists of 41 slides. Edward Snowden initially asked The Washington Post to publish the full slide deck, but the paper refused and so only 4 were subsequently published by The Guardian. A few other slides were revealed later on. In total 13 slides have been published and 4 were incidentally or partially shown on television.

All of them are shown here, in an order that probably comes closest to the original presentation. The slides have a number which is only for reference. If new slides of this PRISM presentation become available, they will be added here...


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