FBI Sought Informant from 9/11 Defense Team

GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA After the recess of military commission proceedings today, Judge James Pohl issued an order requiring any current or past member of a defense team to disclose any government questioning regarding the case, regardless of any non-disclosure agreement. (AE292C).

Earlier today, the military commission heard argument from the defense in the 9/11 military commission alleging that the FBI sought to turn a member of the defense team for Ramzi bin al Shibh into a confidential informant. Counsel for all five 9/11 accused asked the military judge to conduct an inquiry into the potential conflict of interest created by this latest in a series of breaches of defense confidentiality.

"The FBI's ill-advised attempt to turn a member of the defense team against its own is disgraceful. We look forward to a full inquiry by Military Judge Pohl," said Lt Col Sterling R. Thomas, USAF, an experienced prosecutor who is now detailed to defend Ammar al Baluchi...


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