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BUGGEDPLANET.INFO is a about Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communication Intelligence (COMINT), Tactical and Strategical Measures used to intercept Communications and the Vendors and Governmental and Private Operators of this Technology.

The nature of this Issues means that most of it is run in secrecy and Information about this activities sometimes is hard to verify.

BUGGEDPLANET.INFO tries to distinguish between Information that comes with a verifyable source and those information that does not. For this purpose, when adding any information to this open Wiki, please try to Link the sources in whatever you add.

Each Section, be it a country specific collection of knowledge, a collection of Material about a vendor of technology and it`s appearance or other Pages can and should contain a section with the Headline UNCONFIRMED RUMORS.

The UNCONFIRMED RUMORS section is also set up for Information gathered through Insiders, Whistleblowers and whatever Ways where the source cannot be exposed. It will be of course most helpfull to research all subjects listed in UNCONFIRMED RUMORS to verify whatever described and to add any Sources through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

BUGGEDPLANET.INFO is a collection of pieces of a big puzzle. Please help to sort them out so what we all have a realistic big picture on the matter.

Due to Spam issues, Accounts are currently only available on request. Please inquire or send information / material to mail@buggedplanet.info

BuggedPlanet.info can also be accessed through Tor: http://6sgjmi53igmg7fm7.onion


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