Raytheon shares hit record highs on Syria war talk

From 2013:
It's been a dramatic six months for Raytheon (RTN -0.40%). Earlier this year, shares of the defense giant were at a 52-week low, pressured by the federal sequestration's effect on the U.S. defense budget, according to The Boston Business Journal.

But this week, with talk of a U.S. assault on Syria, Raytheon's stock is up 50% to an all-time high. Shares closed Friday at $75.41.

Raytheon produces Tomahawk cruise missiles -- Washington's opening-volley weapon of choice in many recent conflicts and what analysts believe will be among the first shots fired if the U.S. intervenes in Syria...

...Raytheon would be only one of several defense companies to benefit from a war with Syria...


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