9/11 official scenario: what about the pools of melted metal?

I began by reading reports of melting dripping metal at the World Trade Center after the attack on September 11th.

Some of these reports come from weeks after the attack.

This seemed quite strange.

Following links, I arrived to Dr. Steven Jones and his famous paper, “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?”

Jones takes up this issue and much more. His paper is well worth reading.

Jones’ approach goes beyond the argument about whether the buildings collapsed because the steel construction melted or just weakened.

The molten pools of metal are the anomaly. They need to be explained. Jones is arguing that these long-lasting pools wouldn’t have resulted from burning jet fuel.

His conclusion, which he states needs further investigation, is that thermite charges were the cause of the pools. And why else would thermite be present in the buildings, except for the purpose of bringing them down?...


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