Saudi Intelligence Chief Back in Russia to Discuss Syria Crisis

The Russian Foreign Ministry has declared in a statement on Wednesday that Bandar and Lavrov both sides discussed in detail the main issues regarding the developments in the Near East and Middle East, including the crisis in Syria and Geneva 2 conference as well as Iran's nuclear program, the Syrian state news agency reported.

The statement said the focus during the talks between Lavrov and the Saudi official was laid on the necessity to solve the acute regional issues on the basis of respecting the rules of the UN Charter and the international law principles, while the Saudi intelligence chief - whose country very openly funds, runs and supports terrorist groups in Syria and who himself is in charge of his country's decisions on Syria - is known for his extremist measures in support of the war of militancy against the Damascus government.

Discussions, the statement added, also dealt with the prospects of the Russian-Saudi relations, with reference made to the importance of continuing bilateral political dialogue and activating trade and economic relations.

Russian President's spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that President Vladimir Putin met yesterday Bin Sultan and discussed with him the situation in Syria in the framework of the preparations for Geneva 2 conference.

Saudi Arabia is considered the number one supporter of terrorist groups in Syria and the top supplier of weapons and funds to the terrorists...


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