Lavabit and Silent Circle form "Dark Mail Alliance" to thwart email surveillance

Two encrypted-email companies that shut down while struggling to keep metadata out of the US government's hands haveannounced that they're teaming up to create a new, open-source email protocol based on security and privacy and that they plan to help the world to hopefully ditch the old one: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

The collaboration, dubbed the Dark Mail Alliance, between founding companies Lavabit and Silent Circle, will be focused on maintaining and organizing the open-source code for the new email protocol.

The companies announced the alliance at Wednesday's Inbox Loveconference, held at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus, saying that they hope to "change the world of email completely by putting privacy and security at its core."

The two founding companies also plan to bring other members into the alliance and to assist future recruits to implement the new protocol.

Specifically, Lavabit and Silent Circle will work jointly to help email software developers and service providers proliferate what they're calling Email 3.0, a "private, next-generation, end-to-end encrypted alternative."...

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