Free Alternative to Splunk Using Fluentd

Splunk is a great tool for searching logs, but its high cost makes it prohibitive for many teams. In this article, we present a free and open source alternative to Splunk by combining three open source projects: ElasticSearch, Kibana, and Fluentd.

ElasticSearch is an open source search engine known for its ease of use. Kibana is an open source Web UI that makes ElasticSearch user friendly for marketers, engineers and data scientists alike.

Kibana supports the LogStash format, which in turn is supported by the fluentd-plugin-elasticsearch plugin. And of course, Fluentd is the open source log collector known for its scalability and flexibility.

By combining these three tools we get a scalable, flexible, easy to use log search engine with a great Web UI that provides an end to end solution from log collection to visualization, all for free!


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