Glenn Greenwald Still Covering for Omidyar on PayPal

Great blog:

"I truly promise to stop blogging about Greenwald when he stops writing my blog posts for me or when lefts, press freedom champions and transparency advocates start holding him to the same standard they hold everyone else.

In this post here, I showed how Glenn kinda lied on Twitter when pressed about Pierre Omidyar’s involvement in the suspension of Wikileaks’ account by eBay-owned PayPal. I showed that, contrary to what Glenn had said, Omidyar had, in fact, effectively supported PayPal’s decision. But Glenn knows that the most convincing 1/4 truths are the ones you tell over and over again, as this recent exchange with Amy Goodman shows:

AMY GOODMAN: …Are you concerned about issues like—well, you know, he’s a founder of eBay. EBay cut off—eBay owns PayPal, which cut off support for WikiLeaks. What kind of discussions have you had around that, which certainly would be relevant to what you want to do and your deep concerns about control?..."

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