XScoreKey: Network Radar Deja Vu

"From: Todd Heberlein <todd_heberlein@mac.com>
To: To: Fed Talk <Fed-talk@lists.apple.com>
Subject: [Fed-Talk] It began on a NeXT
Date: August 15, 2013 1:45 PM

I put together a 10 minute video comparing a recently revealed government system to my old Network Radar system I developed in the 1990s. Not any Mac-ness in it, but I did start development of Network Radar on my own on a NeXT (OS X's parent) in 1995. I loved that machine.

At the end I tacked on the cluster activity as the ILOVEYOU worm hits Rome Labs in 13 years ago. It might be fun for anyone at AFRL.



PS. I subconsciously mangled the government's system name because I cannot pronounce the actual name out loud without mangling it. I challenge you to pronounce it 3 times fast..."


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