Payday Loans And High-Powered Weaponry: Arizona Businessman Linked To Armed Patrols In Wisconsin Woods

Tom Parrella is an Arizona-based businessman who dabbles in a mix of real estate, high risk loans and paramilitary security operations. One of Parrella’s companies, Bulletproof Securities, is now at the center of a controversy over heavily armed, masked security guards who have upset some locals by patrolling the site of a proposed mine in northern Wisconsin.

After photos and videos of the semiautomatic rifle-toting guards at a drilling site in Iron County emerged on the websites of anti-mining activists, Bulletproof Securities was linked to the masked men through insignias on their hats and the license plate on one of their armored vehicles. Bulletproof Securities was founded in 2002. Documents filed with the State of Arizona describe Bulletproof Securities as a “private military contractor” and identify Parrella as both president and CEO of the company...


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