PROJECT HAMMER RELOADED - The Ties That Bind: Mapping The Covert Connections

Beginning in 1988 and lasting until approximately 1992, Project Hammer was the latest in a series of highly secretive banking practices – known as collateral trading programmes – that are used to create, as if by magic, huge amounts of unaccountable funds for use in specific projects.

These vast pools of unvouchered slush funds are applied to finance a wide variety of clandestine activities that include secret military projects, geo-political requirements and the development of infrastructure projects.

It is also whispered that in the case of the Project Hammer programme at least, that a percentage of the proceeds generated from this secretive activity found their way into the pockets of VIP’s and well-known politicians. Names associated with such corrupt behaviour are carried on the wind but if one listens attentively the names George Bush (senior) and Jim Baker III are just discernible - to the trained ear.

An example of the types of projects that these funds are expended on, was the trading programme known as E F G Jacobi – a predecessor of Hammer – that was, I understand, used largely to finance military facilities and related operations at the top secret US “Pine Gap” base located near Alice Springs, in Australia...


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