Monsanto wins landmark case in Supreme Court

Good ole Sack O' Potatoes Kagan. Lest we forget her recommendation as US Solicitor General to deny victims of 9/11 the right to sue the Saudi government...

"...Days later, the Supreme Court rejected the case, following the lead of the solicitor general, as it often does in deciding whether to weigh in on a matter.

The Supreme Court decision effectively let stand lower-court rulings that the Saudi government and senior members of the Saudi royal family could not be sued by U.S. citizens -- even if the plaintiffs had shown that millions of dollars in Saudi government money went to bankroll al-Qaida in the years leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks..."

Obstruction of justice? Nah, allowing families to sue would've 'interfered with US foreign policy." She now sits on the Supreme Court.

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