Synopsizing Sibel Edmonds: The Evolution of Operation Gladio Part Four

"...Here's how the process originated: in the 1990's, the CIA and State Department set it up so that NGOs, with Congressional approval, would give "grants" so that roads in other countries could be improved, prisons, education, etc. These were funds in the range of 10s of millions of dollars rubber-stamped by CIA-aligned Congresspeople. Turkey even noted in the late 90's that these NGOs were not building roads but that madrassahs were being built, but with the CIA controlling the heads of Congressional committees that this concerned, there was no investigation. When Bob Livingston resigned in 1999, he became the official foreign lobbyist for Turkey and the Cayman Islands, making tens of millions of dollars. 

 This is a pattern; when Dan Burton, who scratched India or Pakistan's back while in Congress, resigned, he becomes lobbyist for India or Pakistan. Same situation for Dennis Hastert: after the Vanity Fair article comes out exposing his connection with Sibel Edmonds' case, he leaves Congress and receives $3.5 million a year to lobby for Turkey. 

This happens not so much because they served the government of those particular countries, but because they served the CIA-State Department's illegal operations in Central Asian Caucuses via Islamization. Edmonds states they were fully aware in the 90's that these Congressional-approved funds totaling close to one billion dollars went to front companies who then gave it to sub-contractors (such as the American Turkish Council that Edmonds tracked) where nothing visible is produced on the other end, but behind the scenes what was produced was heroin, money laundering, and the training of terrorists...."

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