NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake: All Doubts Dispelled, Bradley Manning’s a Whistleblower

National Security Agency whistleblower Thomas Drake reacts to Bradley Manning’s statement, which he read in court on February 28, “I’ve said for some time now that Bradley Manning is a whistleblower. I put myself in his shoes, but the question becomes, “What would you do?” He chose a path that was fraught with significant peril and he knew it. But he chose it anyway as an act of conscience and to get the word out. People argued things that became public both alleged and, even more recently in light of the statement, that …go get another avenues. Not his job to hold up the mirror. He did.”

 The whistleblower, who exposed fraud, waste, abuse and illegality involving a warrantless wiretapping program at the NSA, finds what Manning did was an “extraordinarily brave and courageous act. And all that other stuff, all the personal, all the psycho-babble in terms of cause and what could have led to it, where his head was at, all that is just so much distraction.”


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