ISGP - 9/11: Who Did It

This article takes a look at ownership, access and security of the World Center Complex and to the ties these owners, tenants and security firms have. Next the article looks at the backgrounds of the 9/11 investigators, Al Qaeda, the hijackers and of anyone potentially having manipulated these terrorists.

Ultimately the theory is put forward that key members of the Trilateral Commission, combined with old guard/old boy CIA officers in organizations as the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), the OSS Society and Le Cercle manipulated Osama bin Laden's plot against the United States. Not only did they allow the attack to happen, they also made sure that it was devastating enough to receive a carte blanche on rearranging the entire Middle East region. Crucial help in manipulating Al Qaeda's hijackers was provided by elements in Saudi Arabia, a major ally of the CIA's old guard and the Bush family in particular. A junior role in the destruction of the towers may have been given to Israel, with certain key neoconservatives in the Bush administration fully supporting the plot.

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