US government hires company to hack into video game consoles | ZDNet

The U.S. government recently posted a project asking for the “Development of Tools for Extracting Information from Video Game Systems.” The listing was posted just two months ago, and last week a contract was signed with the California-based company Obscure Technologies. The U.S. is paying $177,237.50 for the job.

The U.S. Navy says it is looking to hack into used consoles to extract any sensitive information exchanged through their messaging services. The organization says it will only use the technology on consoles belonging to nations overseas, because the law doesn’t allow it to be used on any “US persons.”

Here’s the official description from the U.S. Navylisting, posted on February 15: “This project involves furnishing video game systems, both new and used, and creating prototype rigs for capturing data from the video game systems.” Obscure Technologies responded three days later...


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