PGP Creator Phil Zimmermann Has a New Venture Called Silent Circle - AllThingsD

It has been a long time since anyone thought seriously about the encryption debate that hung over the discussion around privacy rights in the 1990s. It has also been a long time since Phil Zimmermann — creator of the Pretty Good Privacy software that so many people adopted to encrypt their email — was the target of a federal criminal investigation that derived from his making it widely available for download. The government dropped its case in 1996. 

Today, PGP is the most widely used encryption program in the world. PGP, the company, is part of Symantec, and encrypting your email is now super easy, though most people don’t go to the trouble of doing it.

PGP is the reason Zimmermann is going to be inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame today, at a dinner in Geneva. Which, of course, raises the question: What is he doing these days?...

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