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From:  Todd Heberlein <todd_heberlein@mac.com>
Subject:  [Fed-Talk] Google Chrome behind the scenes
Date:  April 17, 2012 8:20:59 PM PDT
To:  fed-talk@lists.apple.com Talk <fed-talk@lists.apple.com>

 "If you've ever wondered how Google keeps Chrome up-to-date behind the scenes, I took some time deconstructing its activities and writing it up. In many ways it acts very similarly to malware used in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), so I gave the article a purposely provocative title.  Actually... the whole article is a little provocative. I guess I was feeling a little punchy after too many long hours.

If you want to jump straight to the hairy graphic, here it is:

The full article (along with a link to a PDF version) can be found here:

The Advanced Persistent Threat You Have: Google Chrome


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