Why Neutrinos go faster than light.

One of the most pleasant surprises coming from the LHC was the finding of faster than light neutrinos, one of the proofs adduced in my books on the fractal Universe, which I considered would show the fractal, scalar nature of reality.

Neutrinos go faster than light and yet this doesn’t prove Einstein’s Relativity wrong as the press has said.  It only shows the limits of the 3rd paradigm of physics, which uses since Descartes a ‘continuous’ single space-time to describe the Universe. Within that continuous space-time made of electromagnetic space, c-speed is the limit. And Maxwell’s equations and Einstein’s Special relativity describe them.

Beyond that Universe, the larger membrane of gravitation and dark energy goes faster than light. C-speed thus acts as a non-euclidean barrier between both worlds. And certain ‘doors’ allow to cross that barrier. Black holes, which are accelerated vortices of gravitation, are one of those doors, since any vortex responds to the generic formula VoRo=K, thus the shorter the radius the faster the vortex, being the event horizon at c-speed the limit of our universe.

The catch is that we live inside the light-space membrane and so we cannot see beyond the c-barrier; hence faster than light, expansive gravitation – dark energy – is invisible to us; so are the inside world of black holes and neutrinos, particles that transfer momentum between both membranes through the weak force…

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