Sun Innovation's BrandAuthen

BrandAuthen is a covert product authentication technology used to protect brands against counterfeits. BrandAuthen enhances your brand security by providing a covert authentication mechanism which is all but impossible to duplicate, but very easy to authenticate.

Transmission electron microscopy image of BrandAuthen
(1 yard or 1 meter =1,000,000,000 nm)
BrandAuthen particles are about 10,000 times thinner than the human hair. This small size makes them to be undetectable to the naked eye, so they can be printed in completely transparent layers over other graphics. By contrast, older flourescent particles are visible to the naked eye due to their large particle size, some 1,000 times larger than BrandAuthen. To achieve the small particle size and advanced functionality of BrandAuthen, a counterfeiter would need a large group of specialized PhD’s. Because globally there are only a handful of individuals with the requisite expertise, counterfeiters are unable to conduct this type of reverse engineering. Thus, BrandAuthen provides a very high level of security.

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