Following up on the release of our first HOPE conference videos last month on blip.tv, we're going to be releasing the 18 videos from Beyond HOPE online this weekend. Beyond HOPE was our second conference which took place in 1997, from August 8th to the 10th, and the only HOPE conference not to take place at the Hotel Pennsylvania. As we did last month, we will be rolling out the talks hour by hour, in the order in which they were given.

The fun starts at 6 in the morning (ET) on Friday. The reason we began at this ungodly hour was because Beyond HOPE was held in conjunction with Hacking In Progress (HIP), an outdoor hacker event taking place in Holland. Through a video connection, we were able to address the opening ceremonies across the ocean. (We wish we could say that they could understand what we were saying, but the technology wasn't exactly optimal back then.) Later in the evening on Friday, we will be unveiling our press conference and panel of 2600 people, who answer questions from over 14 years ago. Then the festivities resume at noon on Saturday.

There are many crowd shots in this collection, including extended scenes of hackers gazing at the World Wide Web on a huge screen and a random selection of some of the web pages of the day. It's really rather poetic and you might be surprised at who you see wandering by.

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