We're way past theory...  

When I was a kid, my father gave me the book Best Evidence, about the JFK assassination.  It was an unemotional look at the volumes of anomalous evidence surrounding that OTHER fateful day in September...September, 1963.  It blew my mind.  How could there be any doubt to the official story?  It's the government! Why would they lie?  How many people would have to be involved? Inconceivable!

I voraciously read anything JFK related I could find. I wrote letters to the CIA, Secret Service and FBI. I got no response. I felt so betrayed that all that crap I learned about the sanctity of our institutions was a crude charade.  I was a naive 12 year old that wanted to believe.  I was shattered.

There were two stories: one that was nice and neat and had a bow on it (this was the official story) and one that was convoluted and shadowy yet immensely more plausible (this was the 'conspiracy').  Please see Evidence of Revision (9 hours of awesome).

In retrospect this was an intellectual crossroads...I could ignore the implications and go back to my life, or keep my eyes open and wonder...but what if?

Then there was RFK.  Here we go again!  More shadiness!

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with those terms you haven't seen before.  Together they set the stage.  

So keeping the above in mind, I pose a few questions:

--Did US and Saudi support of the Mujahideen help create Islamic fundamentalist terrorism as we currently know it?

--Did Israelis defense contractors (IMI) design anti-aircraft weapons for the Mujahideen to take down Soviet Hind helicopters?

--Did 75% of the worlds opium production drop under the Taliban, and increase by magnitudes after the US "liberation"?

--Why was Michael Vickers appointed to Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence?

I hope it's obvious that I could go on and on.  Sadly, no shortage of sources here.

So here's the pattern: drugs, arms, and human trafficking (and more recently, energy AKA oil).  Which predicates money laundering (BCCI? 2008 economic collapse? Derivatives? Cayman Islands?)  If these 3 (or 4) things represent your core business, you have a financial incentive to promote their health and continued lucrativity (sic), at all costs.  That means a lot of shenanigans. You do the math.

And if you haven't noticed, 9/11 hasn't even been mentioned at all.  It's just another piece of the puzzle.  Albeit a very big piece.  It was an operation, just like all the others.  And if you've paying attention, you know exactly who really was involved and why.  If not, well, enjoy the show.  

By the way, I have no idea what I'm talking about and all of the above is pure conjecture and speculation.

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