Douglas Feith - Profile

  • Hudson Institute: Senior Fellow
  • Department of Defense: Former Undersecretary for Policy
  • One Jerusalem: Cofounder

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Douglas Feith, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, is a long-standing neoconservative wonk and former lawyer known for his advocacy of militarist security polices in the United States and Israel. Feith served four years in the George W. Bush administration as Donald Rumsfeld’s deputy undersecretary of defense for policy.[1] The controversial (and now defunct) Office of Special Plans, recognized by many as the origin of bad information leading to the Iraq War, was set up under Feith’s purview.[2] Feith left office in August 2005 amid investigations into allegations that he deliberately skewed intelligence on Iraq to bolster arguments to go to war,[3] which some observers have argued could amount to war crimes.[4] Feith tried to fend off criticism of his record in War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of Terrorism, a memoir about his service in the Bush administration that was published in April 2008.

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