How did 'the Zetas' drug cartel obtain weapons for criminal activity?


"Since Barack Obama took office in 2009, the commonly-accepted mantra of the Administration, and many within the major news organizations, is that the violence associated with Mexican drug cartels is fueled by guns that came from the United States due to its 'lax gun control laws.' Indeed, the dangerous 'Zetas' drug cartel obtained weapons in the United States for their criminal activity both in Mexico and throughout the American Southwest.

However, the manner in which the Zetas obtained those weapons directly contradicts the official Administration stance on the consequences of lax gun control laws.

The Zetas obtained their weapons through a little-publicized program implemented by the U.S. State Department called 'U.S. Direct Commercial Sales.' The program was intended to regulate the sale of U.S. firearms to other countries, and a direct commercial sale of a firearm requires an export license. However, as it has been demonstrated repeatedly with the Project Gunwalker Scandal at the ATF, honorable intentions often go terribly awry, particularly when widespread corruption infects a multiplicity of government agencies..."


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